Competency Frameworks

Why We Do It

Each firm has its own unique perspective on what drives success at the firm. At Volta, we work closely with your firm to identify and define these success factors and create a firm-specific competency model. By utilizing a competency model to support your recruiting, professional development, evaluation and advancement initiatives, you will bring clarity to the acquisition, development and retention of your firm’s lawyers. A well-executed competency model will drive and sustain a high-performance culture, optimize the performance of your attorneys and better position your firm to meet its strategic goals. 

Our process

Our approach is collaborative, interactive and immersive. We meet with members of the executive and management committees, practice leaders, partners and associates to gather data through a combination of focus groups, surveys and one-on-one interviews. We synthesize these firm-specific insights with industry research to create a model that is tailored specifically to the firm’s attorney population. We offer recommendations on how the model could enhance aspects of the firm’s talent acquisition and development efforts and provide practical training programs to help key personnel understand the model and the supporting processes. Our method allows you to broadly test and validate the most important success factors at your firm and to build consensus around the most important competencies. The end result is a cohesive approach that will help firms reach their talent objectives efficiently and effectively.