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Meet Howard Flack

Howard is widely known in the legal industry for the pivotal role he played at Hogan Lovells, leading the firm's lateral hiring both before and after its trans-Atlantic merger.

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Firm growth
Revenue expansion
Lateral partner recruiting
Lateral partner integration


Howard counsels and advises law firm management on how to get the best out of their investment in lateral hiring. He is as comfortable helping firms analyze their lateral hiring strategy - starting with fundamentals such as why they are hiring laterals and how realistic their strategy is - as he is advising on the ins and outs of the lateral hiring process. He is an advocate for thoughtful and rigorous interviewing as well as lateral due diligence that goes beyond simple background checks. Howard is passionate about the need for carefully planned and executed lateral partner integration.

Howard has been closely involved in countless lateral partner hires and worked with plenty of laterals to help them transition to a new firm. He uses his decades of experience for his clients' benefit. He shares what he has seen work, and just as importantly, what hasn't.

I bring my genuine interest in others, drive to make a contribution and sense of humor to my work.
— Howard Flack