Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a proposal with another Forum attendee?

Only one person may submit a proposal. That said, we highly encourage collaboration and recognize the value of working with a brainstorming partner. We recommend either working with a member of Volta or another attendee who is similarly submitting a proposal. 


I attended the Forum with a few of my colleagues. Can we each submit a proposal or is it one submission per firm?

Each attendee is welcome to submit one proposal. So long as you and your colleagues submit individual proposals, you may each submit one.


Does my proposal have to relate to my law firm or can I submit as an individual solving an industry issue?

We ask that all proposals address the most urgent issue (or greatest opportunity) faced by your law firm, thus we require you to submit a proposal relating to your law firm.


May I submit multiple proposals?

We love your ideas, but we can only accept one proposal per person.