Lateral Partner Integration Coaching

Typically, firms that have established integration protocols work to ensure that there is a detailed written plan in place by the time a new partner joins. However, many firms are aspirational in this regard. Such a plan may not go much beyond a detailed checklist covering largely procedural and administrative issues. In any event, execution and sustainability are almost always a challenge since everyone involved is busy and the lateral, who is trying to get settled and doesn’t want to make waves, is often left to his/her own devices until a problem surfaces. 

Lateral partner integration needs to be seen as an experience rather than an event. The checklist approach often fails to deliver what both the firm and the new lateral need and want. One-on-one integration coaching provides structure to the post-hire efforts and demonstrates the firm’s commitment to the lateral’s success. Our comprehensive yet flexible coaching program is designed to ensure that a new lateral partner achieves a successful transition personally and professionally to his/her new firm. It does this by providing the new lateral partner with an objective coach and advisor to help him/her navigate the very real practical challenges of their transition. An experienced external coach facilitates a faster more effective integration as well as identifying challenges and roadblocks and possible solutions before those involved decide that “it’s just not working.”

If your firm is looking to improve its lateral partner integration efforts, please contact Sang Lee.