Volta Adds Talent to Its Highly-Ranked Lawyer Coaching Team

Volta Talent Strategies boasts one of the largest specialist attorney coaching teams in the US, working with law firms across the States. Volta is therefore pleased to announce that Whittney Beard has joined the team from Orrick Sutcliffe & Herrington LLP, a global law firm founded in San Francisco. Whittney brings additional depth and capacity to Volta where she will be the tenth coach on the team.

Five Steps to Recapturing the Power of Your LinkedIn Network

When I first joined LinkedIn 10+ years ago, the premise of the site was simple and intriguing – connect with people I know, see their connections, and allow them access to mine. I could immediately see the utility of this for a wide range of professional pursuits in which having direct access to one’s professional connections, as well as a more expansive network beyond those connections, could be beneficial, e.g., when engaging in business development, or job searching, or event planning, or otherwise undertaking various professional projects and activities.

To Improve Your Law Firm, Change Its Mindset

I spend the majority of my workweek in conversations with law firm partners and associates. Again and again in our coaching sessions or in other conversations, common themes emerge… I have come to the conclusion that that these seemingly disparate themes and sentiments actually have a common thread. It’s “Mindset.” This article is the first of a two-part series. In this article, we explore the research on Mindset and its impact on the legal profession specifically.

What Exactly is Executive Presence and Can You Develop It?

“Executive presence” is for many people I talk to in law firms a “know-it-when-you-see-it” kind of thing. While they may be confident that they can tell you who has it, or more often in the context of lawyer coaching, who doesn’t, they may struggle to define it clearly. None of this is a surprise since it is often thought of as the X factor. In practice, executive presence (EP) is fuzzy concept– it can be elusive.

Want Better Lawyers Faster? Build a Coaching Culture

Want Better Lawyers Faster? Build a Coaching Culture

Wouldn‘t it be great if every law firm had a coaching culture?

I don‘t say this as someone whose business involves selling coaching to law firms, I say it as a coach. As someone who’s an advocate for coaching, someone who believes that everyone who’s open to the process would benefit from coaching. I say it because I have seen first-hand the transformation that coaching can bring to individuals, both professionally and in life in general.