Engagement and Retention

Is Life as a Big Law Associate Worse Than It Was 20 Years Ago?

At Volta, we support law firms to design and implement upward feedback programs and 360 feedback initiatives. We are now conducting an industry survey to understand better how upward reviews are currently being used by law firms and we plan to release our associated research report later this year. If you are in law firm talent management and would like to participate in our survey, please follow the link: https://surveymonkey.com/r/BC5SHHP.

Picture This: Partner Engagement

Lateral partner movement is up, but the jury is still out on how useful laterals are to a firm’s long-term financial health. There is, of course, the role (or lack thereof) of strategic planning and process-design in failed partner acquisitions, but what about the emphasis we put on the value of our employees?  So I took a moment to daydream about the perfect firm.

If You Don't Want The Answer, Don't Ask: Upward Reviews - Evaluating Law Firm Partners

Now that associate retention has firmly established itself again as a management issue at many law firms, upward review programs are not surprisingly back on the agenda. Over the last year or so, the post-recession balance of power has shifted back to the associate body in many law firms. With that shift come renewed calls from associates for the opportunity to evaluate senior colleagues.

How To Give Effective Feedback When You Don't Want To

It is part of the human condition to assess and evaluate others. As a result, in working with colleagues, we often have an internal dialogue monologue in which our thoughts and comments on their performance surface. And yet, that’s more often than not how we leave things – internal and unspoken. Our inside voice may be loud. But our colleagues can’t hear us.