Law Firm Coaching: Internal and External Coaches – What’s the Difference?

Large law firms are expanding their coaching capabilities by hiring their own full-time coaches and/or by sponsoring the coach training and accreditation of members of their existing teams (especially within their talent and BD teams). In parallel, the use by law firms of external coaches is also increasing.

What Kind of OCI Interviewer Are You?

Law schools, and therefore law students, have your number. Schools go to great lengths to prepare their students for their OCI experience—sharing lists of interview questions to be prepared for, lists of questions to ask of their interviewers and even classifying the different types of interviews and interviewers students may come across. For example, New York University School of Law highlights the following interviewer types.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Law Firm Coaching: “Does It Work? And, Is It Worth It?”

As much as the use of leadership and executive coaching in law firms is increasing, some firms hesitate to adopt coaching broadly as a key developmental tool. While an obvious institutional concern may be cost, the concerns for individuals typically focus on the time, energy and vulnerability required. 

How Are Law Firms Using Coaching?

Last year, we at Volta set out to understand how law firms are using coaching. Through our Coaching Insights Survey, we asked law firms in the Am Law 200 and beyond to share what they are doing coaching-wise. Of the Am Law 200 (ranked by revenue), no fewer than 123 law firms use coaching, with a high number of those being in the first 100. In our second article to mark International Coaching Week, we share some of what we discovered: