If You Don't Want The Answer, Don't Ask: Upward Reviews - Evaluating Law Firm Partners

Now that associate retention has firmly established itself again as a management issue at many law firms, upward review programs are not surprisingly back on the agenda. Over the last year or so, the post-recession balance of power has shifted back to the associate body in many law firms. With that shift come renewed calls from associates for the opportunity to evaluate senior colleagues.

Show, Don't Tell? Will 'News Anchor' Become A Job At Law Firms?

Law firms are prolific publishers. As a result, regular news and updates on major decisions and changes in law and practice abound. But who reads it all? Not only is there too much for the intended reader to absorb but, too often, much of it is written in a dense, user-unfriendly style. It’s as if it’s written for the benefit of the lawyer-author rather than the business-reader. In short, despite good intentions and the investment of a lot of time and money, much of the news material coming out of law firms is just not compelling. That’s why Epstein Becker Green’s weekly news broadcast is all the more interesting.

Forget The Elevator (Pitch) - Networking Is About Taking The Stairs

I don’t know who came up with the expression “elevator pitch” but I have come to the conclusion that its (over)use is a turn-off for many of the lawyers we coach. This set me thinking. Undoubtedly, “elevator pitch” is a cliché but there’s another problem with it: An undue emphasis on the concept and its readiness for use with new contacts distracts from the reality that our networks are as much about the people we already know (or with whom we have a link) as they are about strangers.

When Is "Time Management" Not About Time?

In short, the answer is when it’s about communication.

As we made ourselves coffee in our new office near Wall Street, Diane Costigan was sharing some coaching advice she had been giving about managing expectations (of colleagues and clients). Diane is working up some new material around goal setting and how, inadvertently, lawyers sometimes set themselves up to fail.