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"AI Regulatory": Your Law Firm's Next Practice Group

AI Regulatory? Yes, I can see it now. In the list that drops down when I click on ‘Practices’ at the top of a law firm’s home page.

AI Regulatory? Yes. In retrospect, it will seem inevitable.

AI Regulatory? Right now, it is the legal practice area of the near future. At least for BigLaw and some specialist technology law firms. They will have specialist groups that focus on the law and regulation of artificial intelligence.

Show, Don't Tell? Will 'News Anchor' Become A Job At Law Firms?

Law firms are prolific publishers. As a result, regular news and updates on major decisions and changes in law and practice abound. But who reads it all? Not only is there too much for the intended reader to absorb but, too often, much of it is written in a dense, user-unfriendly style. It’s as if it’s written for the benefit of the lawyer-author rather than the business-reader. In short, despite good intentions and the investment of a lot of time and money, much of the news material coming out of law firms is just not compelling. That’s why Epstein Becker Green’s weekly news broadcast is all the more interesting.