How To Ask For Feedback (And What Not To Do When You Get It)

Let’s face it. We all need feedback. Otherwise we have no choice but to guess and make assumptions about how we are seen by our colleagues, and about whether we are meeting their expectations. It’s unwise to adopt the mantra of “No news is good news”! If you have one of those managers who takes the view that they will only say something if they have to (perhaps electing not to say anything until the annual performance review), you’re unlucky. But a lack of explicit focus by others on your development does not give you a free pass in the context of feedback. 

"AI Regulatory": Your Law Firm's Next Practice Group

AI Regulatory? Yes, I can see it now. In the list that drops down when I click on ‘Practices’ at the top of a law firm’s home page.

AI Regulatory? Yes. In retrospect, it will seem inevitable.

AI Regulatory? Right now, it is the legal practice area of the near future. At least for BigLaw and some specialist technology law firms. They will have specialist groups that focus on the law and regulation of artificial intelligence.