How I Approach BD Coaching

How I Approach BD Coaching

As a former practicing lawyer, law firm partner and law firm executive, I am now a consultant advising law firms on talent-related strategies and initiatives. I am also a leadership development coach to lawyers and law firm business services professionals including partners and C-suite executives. My approach to BD coaching is informed by my experience and understanding of the legal industry (from strategic and operational perspectives) including:

  • The organizational structures and cultures of law firms in the US and the UK;

  • Law firm finances and the levers of profitability;

  • Partner compensation systems and leadership expectations;

  • The roles of partners and the environment (and pressures) under which they operate day-to-day;

  • Operations, BD and Marketing, HR and Talent Management, Technology and Knowledge Management;

  • What lawyers value versus what clients value; and

  • How to engage, develop and motivate teams and individuals.

By combining this knowledge and experience as a coach, I help lawyers to hone their skills and to explore what's in the way of their success in this area (and how to clear any roadblocks). Where are the gaps and opportunities in how they relate to clients, develop relationships, talk about their value proposition and ask for business? I partner with coachees to develop specific goals, provide accountability and challenge them to practice so that they quickly experience success upon which they can build further.