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When I look back at my nearly two decades of work with lawyers and law firms, one thing is clear—I have always been a coach. As a recruiting and professional development professional, I embraced opportunities to support lawyers through the empowering highs and vulnerable transitions in their careers on a daily basis. I understand how firms manage their talent and have an expertise in the mechanics of sourcing, interviewing and developing talent. This is the foundation of my work at Volta. I work diligently with coachees and counselees to develop strategies to exceed and surpass their goals.

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CPC (Certified Professional Coach) through Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Certified Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index®

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Start Finishing: How To Go From Idea To Done,
by Charlie Gilkey

In his book, Charlie Gilkey presents a 9-step method for converting an idea into a project by addressing the challenges you'll face and getting the project on a reality-based schedule.


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