Show, Don't Tell? Will 'News Anchor' Become A Job At Law Firms?

Law firms are prolific publishers. As a result, regular news and updates on major decisions and changes in law and practice abound. But who reads it all? Not only is there too much for the intended reader to absorb but, too often, much of it is written in a dense, user-unfriendly style. It’s as if it’s written for the benefit of the lawyer-author rather than the business-reader. In short, despite good intentions and the investment of a lot of time and money, much of the news material coming out of law firms is just not compelling. That’s why Epstein Becker Green’s weekly news broadcast is all the more interesting.

EBG is now producing weekly legal news that looks and feels more like a real news channel. In just 5 minutes a week, EBG’s partner and anchor, George Whipple of NY1 fame, talks you through key developments in the world of labor and employment law. Short, high-level, practical. Admittedly, employment law may be more relatable than some other practice areas (think, securities law, for example) but let’s hope that more firms adopt this model. In any event, this is user-friendly legal news which clients are likely to find useful…

The challenge with this approach is that, having committed to producing weekly broadcasts, the firm has to fulfill on delivery week in, week out. There is no let up. It’s an approach that would test the internal discipline of some firms and their lawyers, especially those where regular newsletters may have become somewhat… irregular. But in a world of “show, don’t tell”, doesn’t that also ‘tell’ the client something worth knowing about a firm?