For over thirty years, we have advised lawyers at every stage of their careers. We've consulted for sophisticated legal employers confronting workforce challenges arising from technology booms and bursts, financial market gains and crises and generational workforce preferences, to name only a few. We’ve worked alongside our clients, inhabiting our own moments of inflection – shifting and turning – once called Shannon & Manch, then called The Shannon Group and most recently, SJL Shannon. Throughout it all, we’ve embraced change, always offering clients what they need at the moment they need it – agile and dynamic solutions – and we love what we do. If our experiences have shown us anything, it’s that change is the only constant. Where others feel stress from change, we see opportunity and possibility. We are committed to staying in motion, staying in action and supporting our clients at every turn. Get to know us again. And again...and again. 


What we do


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