Coaching is a powerful tool that supports individuals in defining and achieving key performance goals. Coaching enables coachees to expand their skills and learn strategies to achieve their career objectives while helping them sustain the necessary motivation to do so. We work with lawyers at all levels – firm and practice leaders, partners and associates – as well as professional development, recruiting and human resources professionals. The Volta coaching program delivers results in real time and builds sustainability for long-term change with ongoing impact. Coached individuals report enhanced career satisfaction, and law firms see increased engagement and higher performance, which in turn boosts retention.

We cover a wide range of issues with our coachees, but most often we focus on issues within one or more of our four principal coaching dimensions: Leadership, Business Development, Time Management and Stress Management and Resilience. We also offer specialty coaching for individuals facing critical transition phases in their lives, such as a new role, a promotion or a new family arrangement.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, we offer group coaching and hybrid coaching which incorporates both one-on-one and group elements. We also supplement some of our highly regarded training programs with coaching to further enhance skills and reinforce learning outcomes for participants.

For more information, contact Sang Lee, or download our Coaching Brochure.

If you're interested in offering self-directed coaching as a form of career advisory, visit our OnDemand Coaching Program page.

If you're interested in lateral partner integration coaching, visit our Lateral Partner Integration Coaching page.

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