Volta has been on the leading edge of law firm consultancy for over three decades. We have pioneered a vast array of evaluation systems and were principal drivers of the competency-based performance management movement in law firms. Against the volatile landscape of a shifting global economy, we understand that it is more critical than ever for law firm leaders to actively engage their attorney populations and apply metrics of success. 

At Volta, we know that an attorney’s performance – regardless of rank or seniority – can only be optimized through regular evaluation and feedback. We listen, brainstorm, challenge, create, execute and applaud your success. For more information, contact Nicholas Jelfs-Jelf.




Managing law firms is no easy task. In a changing and competitive environment, law firm leaders are often called upon to address the challenges of managing growth and expansion while thinking strategically about delivering high-quality legal services in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Ultimately, however, a firm’s ability to achieve its objectives is dependent on the performance of its team members, both its lawyers and its administrative professionals. So, how can law firms manage for these macro-challenges on a micro-level? 

Our coaching practice provides support for individuals (or groups of individuals) to learn, develop and enhance critical professional skills and behaviors through a customized and guided process, leading to greater productivity and efficiency. This process offers opportunities for growth and learning and creates the necessary space for dialogue, application and reflection, which are essential to the sustainability of action and change.

In brief, coaching can help you to enhance effectiveness and optimize performance at the individual, team and firm level.


Drawing on our extensive business experience with law firms, our team of certified coaches works with lawyers and other professionals at all levels: firm leaders, practice leaders, partners and associates, chief officers, department heads and managers. Our work covers the interdependent components of life within a law firm. While each engagement is tailored specifically to the individual, we most regularly provide coaching in the following areas:

  • Business Development*

  • Career Development

  • Career Transitions

  • Communication

  • Delegation

  • Executive Presence

  • Giving Feedback

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership

  • New Partners

  • Organizational Skills

  • Parental Leave/On-ramp/Off-ramp

  • Path to Partnership

  • Presentation Skills/Public Speaking

  • Stress Management/ Resilience

  • Teamwork/People Management

  • Time Management

  • Work-Life Balance/Wellness


Our coaching is rooted in cultivating and leveraging self-awareness and self-direction. Since each individual’s circumstances, challenges and goals vary greatly, the most effective coaching does not always follow a pre-established, set plan. As a result, we adopt a flexible and adaptive approach in terms of how we coach. We work with each coachee to customize the overall coaching experience to his or her specific goals and needs, beginning with a deep dive into the coachee’s context and mindset. 

Our coaching engagements range from a few sessions to a year or more. In addition to regular coaching sessions, we incorporate assessments, skill-building exercises and our extensive knowledge management library of tools into each engagement. 

Our longer coaching engagements typically unfold in three phases designed to create momentum and ensure sustainability and follow-through:


In the initial phase, we conduct an intake meeting and preliminary coaching session to identify developmental objectives and set provisional goals. Where appropriate, we administer one or more assessments to further define strengths and areas of development and gather feedback from relevant peers at the firm.


In the second phase, we conduct regular coaching sessions either in-person or by phone or video. These weekly or bi-weekly sessions are typically 45-60 minutes and focus on ensuring sustained action and accountability.


In the final phase, we continue coaching with the aim of having the coachee(s) create a post-coaching plan in order to solidify any learning and behavioral or mindset changes so as to ensure that they are sustainable.

We recognize that different individuals learn in different ways. To accommodate different preferences, we adapt our style to be more or less directive. As former lawyers and experts in the legal industry, we can, in addition to coaching, advise, counsel and provide one-on-one consulting.


We offer coaching packages to create maximum flexibility and effectiveness for our clients – both the firm and the individual. Coaching packages are typically three, six or twelve months, but the cost and length of each engagement are dependent on the seniority of the lawyer and the focus of the engagement.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, we provide group coaching and hybrid coaching, which incorporates both one-on-one and group elements. We also supplement some of our highly regarded training programs with follow-up coaching to further enhance skills and reinforce learning outcomes for participants.

We are also proud to offer coaching support to women who are participating in the OnRamp Fellowship Program (an initiative pioneered by Caren Ulrich Stacy, Founder and CEO of Diversity Lab). 

For more information, contact Cecilia Mullan, or download our Coaching Brochure.

If you're interested in offering self-directed coaching as a form of career advisory, visit our OnDemand Coaching Program page.

If you're interested in lateral partner integration coaching, visit our Lateral Partner Integration Coaching page.

*Recognized by the readers of the New York Law Journal and awarded a 2018 “Best of” ranking for ‘Lawyer/Law Firm Business Development Coaching’

Our Coaching Team



Volta is the leading provider of legal outplacement and career transition services for partners, counsel and associates on behalf of some of the largest law firms and legal employers in the US. With career advisors available in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, DC, we have provided thousands of attorneys at all levels of seniority and in every area of practice with comprehensive, strategic and effective career transition plans. Our team not only works with attorneys in each of our cities but also advises lawyers in multiple other diverse locations. Places as different as Boston, Houston, Denver, Miami and even Tokyo.

Attorneys in transition work one-on-one with our dedicated counselors using our multi-faceted framework and reinvigorate their careers with clearly articulated goals and a deeper understanding of what they have to offer the marketplace.

For more information, contact Nancy Carver, or download our Transitions Brochure.

You can also watch our 3-minute video, The Volta Process, below.

Recognized by the readers of the New York Law Journal and awarded a 2018 “Best of” ranking for ‘Legal Outplacement and Career Transition Provider’


Volta is an industry leader in providing talent development programming aimed at developing better lawyers and professional development leaders. A trusted partner and advisor to the legal industry for over thirty years, Volta combines cutting-edge research, extensive subject-matter expertise and a deep appreciation for the unique needs of each of our clients to offer customized training programs that are innovative, impactful and completely bespoke. For more information, contact Nicholas Jelfs-Jelf.


•    Leadership Development
•    Team Management
•    Delegation and Supervision
•    Effective Evaluations and Feedback
•    Business Development
•    Relationship Management
•    Time Management and Organization
•    Interview Skills
•    Active Career Management
•    Peak Performance, Wellness and Stress Management
•    Mentorship, Coaching and Sponsorship


OnDemand Learning

Lawyers are life-long learners, and so are we. At Volta, we challenge ourselves to anticipate developments in the legal market and the evolving needs of law firm attorneys.

We deliver cutting-edge content focused on the business and professional skills that modern lawyers need in today’s ever-changing landscape. Created and designed by our own subject-matter experts and based on our most popular and successful live trainings, our OnDemand educational resources offer in-depth, interactive learning opportunities anytime, anywhere. For more information, contact Nicholas Jelfs-Jelf.