Five Steps to Recapturing the Power of Your LinkedIn Network

When I first joined LinkedIn 10+ years ago, the premise of the site was simple and intriguing – connect with people I know, see their connections, and allow them access to mine. I could immediately see the utility of this for a wide range of professional pursuits in which having direct access to one’s professional connections, as well as a more expansive network beyond those connections, could be beneficial, e.g., when engaging in business development, or job searching, or event planning, or otherwise undertaking various professional projects and activities.

Forget The Elevator (Pitch) - Networking Is About Taking The Stairs

I don’t know who came up with the expression “elevator pitch” but I have come to the conclusion that its (over)use is a turn-off for many of the lawyers we coach. This set me thinking. Undoubtedly, “elevator pitch” is a cliché but there’s another problem with it: An undue emphasis on the concept and its readiness for use with new contacts distracts from the reality that our networks are as much about the people we already know (or with whom we have a link) as they are about strangers.